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I have something really Non-PC to say about COVID 19 (weight loss during a pandemic and you)


Op, good job!!

The virus seems to attack any organ in your body that is under stress, and vitamine D deficiancy seems to lead to a cytotoxic shock (your killer t cells eat your lungs). It's a good virus to deal with everyone with any autoimmune problems too. The blood type also apparently matters, there are hardly any O- that have died. :(

Interestingly enough, users of nicotine appear to suffer less issues, which goes against the first parts, since smokers lungs are usually a problem to begin with, and in Sweden, users of snuff (the snuff you put under your lip) appear to get less issues overall.


I eat 5, 300 calorie meals per day, no meat, aim for 30% protein, no sugar added drinks or snacks, no artificial sweeteners. I've dropped from 246 to 195 since mid January. Excercise...20 to 60km of biking daily.
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