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I just accidentally ate part of a moldy bagel AMA

German Hops

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Meh, I ate a completely moldy sweet roll without even realizing it, only after eating about half did I notice it tasted a bit bitter and then I saw that the inside was full of thick mold. I was fine afterwards though, I didn't even throw it up.




Do you suddenly feel like doing anything Jewish? Craving kugel now?

Seriously, I’m a Jew but bagels are kinda overrated.
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Maybe is was a psychoactive mold and you are actually tripping?.......or about to be tripping.
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Was it white, green or black mold?
Green or blue idk.

Why did you eat the rest of it?
I didn't. There was only half left and I didn't realize it was moldy until I tasted something kinda bitter.

Do you have trouble finding work? I haven't seen an actual Bush since HS.
Why do you think I post on here all the time?

You dead yet bro?
As dead as always

Which was better, moldy bagel or The Last Jedi?
Slightly bitter taste that didn't make me die vs 3 hours of this

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