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I love Final Fantasy VII Remake - But, I still want a Final Fantasy VII Remake


Feb 20, 2018
they should've given FF7 the xenoblade chronicles definitive edition treatment
single full game updated graphics, soundtrack etc would have been great

I agree, except I feel I need to express again I love FFVII Remake - despite my claim that it isn't a remake of FFVII. I want both - a remake like you described (or others with Crash Bandicoot) and this new series of games.
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Mar 10, 2015
I’d rather have a 2D “demake” in the style of the older games, but true to the original plot and turn-based battle. I liked FF7 remake, but I agree it is something different.


Jun 11, 2019
same here, i never wanted this type of remake to begin with.

maybe in another 20 years...


Sep 21, 2006
Yeah I'd like to see modern 3D visuals stuck to the fixed camera angles and then keep most everything else the same.

Others might not want fixed camers or turn-based randomized combat, so it's tough.

I also like the remake but it's a completely different game.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Dec 3, 2004
I want a true FF7 remake that is 100% faithful to the original too - because I know it's better in some ways (1990s-early 2000s FF was great). Chances of us getting it now that Square is remaking defiling the original FF7 with the remake are very slim though. Square would have to outsource it likely, and I dont trust that.

The remake is good though so far, for the most part (judging as it's own body of work). But I feel like it will be too watered down by the end of it, as they're trying to add filler content too much to extend it's length over 3 parts and really cash in on the nostalgia of FF7. Several plot points in part 1 took waaay too long to get to due to all the additional filler they added. And I can tell that even from the outside looking in, it's noticeable even without reading a plot synoposis.

I have never played the original FF7 (miraculously), and now that remake has started to be made IDK if I should go back to the fidelity of the 1990s original and play it having experienced part 1 of the remake so far. Even if the story is better and I like turn based combat more than the newer system.

I have been tempted to play the original though. For those that havent heard, there is a fan made HD remaster mod being made called Remako, check it out here:

I automatically prefer this one, bar none! Because it plays like the original.

I'm really not there at all for the gameplay of the new one...


Mar 2, 2020
Final Fantasy VII remake is simply my cup of tea. Amazing in action and amazing in RPG elements.

I've been playing OG FFVII after completing remake and while I recognize it must have been a phenomenal title when it first came out (I didn't play it back then) I very much prefer the approach the remake offers.

The combat system is so good and fast, that makes OG combat system pretty slow for me. I know OG is classic RPG, but still, I really prefer what remake offers, specially after experiencing by myself what it offers.

I think it's an outstanding achievement SE did here.

Sure you can argue the story is not 100% accurate and the game feels much more like a sequel rather than a retelling. Yes, I agree. That's one of my small doubts regarding the game. Because the way things are going unfortenetely makes think of a franchise I really liked as a kid but ended up getting tired of it, because how convuluted the story got - Kingdom Hearts.

Well we shall see...
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Sep 4, 2018
the desires for a 1:1 "true to the original" remake is silly and an inherently flawed concept in itself for two main reasons:

1) it is not 1997 anymore. it is 20+ years later. that game was made before 9/11. we are now 20 years into the next century. the passage of time has added context and changed meaning. we can no longer look at something the same way we did in the 90s. everyone already has played the game. they know the story. they know about Aerith. again, it is not 1997. it is not as if we can erase the past 20+ years and act as if they never happened. it is not honest to the creators. it is not honest to the audience. it is not honest to the story.

2) "This guy are sick" was a massively popular phrase in the US/English version of the original, but it was not written that way by the creators. it is the result of a mistranslation, and not to knock on the guy's work, but a lot of the game is translated very differently than the original story. these are Japanese creators who made a Japanese game, yet much of the audience is English and know that version of the story. so what if this "perfect remake" comes out and does not have that phrase - instead they use a different, more accurate translation? people would be mad. there would be Kotaku articles about racist toxic fans demanding that "This guy are sick" be put back into the game. there would be SJWs crucifying the game for racism and types like you who want that 1:1 Your Way remake would be public enemy number one. it would result in a giant target being painted on the game. unless they just lift the original translation, the text of the game will change and the story will be different to English audiences no matter what. so right from the start, a "story accurate" English version was more or less never going to happen.

furthermore, that is just one aspect of the game (written text). what if the og game used a background which had a low res render that gave a different impression of what the actual 3D modeled artwork was, and the team re-created it, and people were mad that it did not look the way they thought? people would be mad. the translation from 2D low poly to 3D high res necessitates re-designs across the board, and every single dimension of the game, be it audio, background art, model design, combat, etc. would need translation into a new thing. a new thing that people would complain about for being different! so you see, what you want is an impossiblity. unless this is literally just the original 2D game with no voice acting and synthesized music rendered at a high resolution, which, tbh you can pretty much play that already with mods. you basically want them to come together 20+ years later to try and do what modders more or less have already accomplished? eh. ok. that seems like a giant waste of an opportunity.

plus, even if they did that, there would still be people complaining. it is a futile Hell you want to put these creators through so just copy their younger selves. i say let the creatives create. these guys are pretty good. they made this great game together called Final Fantasy 7. im eager to see what else they can do with that universe and those characters. if i can revisit all my favorite moments a second time around and still not know what is around every corner then all the better.
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Feb 20, 2018
it is not 1997 anymore. it is 20+ years later. that game was made before 9/11. we are now 20 years into the next century. the passage of time has added context and changed meaning. we can no longer look at something the same way we did in the 90s. everyone already has played the game. they know the story.

What does any of that have to do with anything? Of course games can get remakes 20 years or more later without turning it into an alternate universe, time traveling sequel.

Final Fantasy was literally remade to celebrate the game's (and franchise's) 20th anniversary.

FFIV has been remade multiple times. And guess what? Tellah dies every time, in the exact same manner. It still works. FFIV is still a great game.

We just got great, true remakes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, both of which came out around the same time as FFVII. They also came out before 9/11 - although I fail to see what that has to do with anything.
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Jun 4, 2012
Could Square have just:

Re-created FFVII with HD pre-rendered backgrounds?
Re-orchestrated the tracks from the original but added nothing new?
Re-translated the game, but added zero new characterization or dialogue?
Kept both the battle system and balance but with bug fixes?

Sure. But why would they? What is it about the above that would convince someone that has not purchased the (at times) sub $10 original available on every platform under the sun to purchase this one? Or convince enough someones that have already played the original to jump in at $60 to justify the tens of millions this project would take? What is it about the above escapes the review trap of "Faithful recreation that adds nothing new. If you've played the original you've already played this one"?

Final Fantasy VII was one of the most expensive games ever created at the time. Recreating it today requires more than just making the graphics better. There has to be something to not only justify the cost, but the time and man-power. Why have people go and rebuild a game that still works today when they could be off building new things that creates new audiences, franchises, and fans?

All the Final Fantasy games you've listed were either largely without note or easily redone due to their 2d nature. The 3d titles you listed were either from dead franchises that could not guarantee the success of a new title, or merely a test bed for the developer (Shadow of the Colossus).

I think it is more likely we see Square return to pre-rendered graphics and turned based combat for new titles than to ever see them dump tens of millions into rebuilding a game that is still functional, playable, and readily available. I'd actually really like to see this personally.
Dec 9, 2019
I think all anyone really could have wanted from a retelling of FF7 is this:

- voice acting using the actors they've chosen in FF7 remake but with all the original dialogue (maybe some adlibs and additions to broaden the depth, where appropriate)
- random encounters and the same turn based combat
- no story additions
- full hd /4k 60 fps
- graphical fidelity like the remake has or slightly toned down to reach 60 fps


The remake isnt bad. But it's not an exact retelling, which I think a lot of people will still want from Square, even by the end of all the parts of FF7 remake (partially due to all the watering down of plot points, etc).


Dec 22, 2019
It sounds to me that you are conflating the terms remaster and remake.

A remake means 'making everything (in the spirit of the original game) from scratch', while remaster means 'tweaking the original product'.

Edit: Others have pointed this out as well.
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Aug 28, 2009
I actually liked that the Remake diverged so much from the original both story-wise as well as gameplay-wise. Story-wise it was obvious even from the demo that they were going to change the story and do their own thing so i find it very hypocritical of those who say the ending was unfaithful but the rest of the story "was fine".
My issues with the Remake are as a game that tries to stand on its own and not as a Remake (which it isn't).

I think the remaster of the original is perfectly fine as it is but i admit i would have loved a 1:1 graphical,gameplay and artistical remake of the original with an art-style similar to World of Final Fantasy.
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Nov 29, 2018
1) it is not 1997 anymore. it is 20+ years later. that game was made before 9/11. we are now 20 years into the next century. the passage of time has added context and changed meaning. we can no longer look at something the same way we did in the 90s. everyone already has played the game.

What does that even mean? If anything you're destroying your own argument here.

You know why? Because gamers have been born in those 20 years. Gamers that won't go back to a 20 year old game without graphical and quality of life improvements. They haven't experienced the story. They don't know what happened to Aeris (Except at best, in a very confused way via internet comments and memes) If anything there may be more people around now that haven't played FFVII than let's say 10 years ago.

There's absolutly nothing wrong with *remastering/remaking whateverthefuckyouwannacallit* games for future generations rather than lazy porting it around. ESPECIALLY 20 years down the line.

Edit: The original devs don't even have to do it to get excellent results as shown in the last few years with multiple such projects.
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Golden Boy
Jun 2, 2013
I want to play a FFVII with similar attention the NES FF games received. The same gameplay, the same maps, locations of items, bosses, etc. Clean up the translation, add minor quality of life improvements. Make the characters look less blocky, but still feel like they belong in the original FFVII world.

I hope we still get this. While, I love FF7 remake on PS4, it is not really what its name implies.
Seems you need to look into FFVII on PC with mods. 7th Heaven with Remako will do just that for you.

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Apr 25, 2013
How is it not a remake? They literally remade it from scratch. Are you saying that you want a turn base FFVII remake?

in my case yes.
i take a graphic overhaul keeping everything like it was when it comes to story telling (simple text, no voice or complex staging etc...)
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