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I love the PS5 as a console but I hate its UI


Yep, PS4 is better, I prefer the look and speed of PS5 UI though. I can’t believe they launched without folders lol.

Also I wish it had Xbox quick resume. The quick starts on PS5 arent that, sometimes you have to go through all the studio logos and shit till the start screen. Totally half arsed by Playstation especially since Cerny made a big deal out of it and the silly cards


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In the grand rankings of console Os's it's still pretty good. But it does have some annoyances which could be easily corrected.


Over 1.5 years in with it I do have to say I still stumble over the UI sometimes and thought the PS4 one was more intuitive in a lot of places.

It's also not as kick you in the pants fast as I expected from a Zen 2 system with lots of RAM and a fast SSD, it's surely faster than the last gen by a fair deal, but there's still a lot of loading, and I think this is because it relies so heavily on webviews, the hardware is certainly powerful enough to make a UI as snappy as say any iPad in the last several years.
My biggest issue is that you need more clicks, menus and steps to do basic stuff than ever before.
One of the reasons why no one uses half of their new features like those cards, video tutorials etc is because you forget they even exist.

Even all those settings menus feel deorganized. Also it bothers me how the PS5 has a browser but they pretend it doesn't have one.

Honestly, PS3 OS is still the GOAT to me.


I don't like pressing the PS logo button for everything. In PS4 i use it to exit the game. Now if i want to check who of my friends is only i press it, if i want to adjust the volume of the chat/game i press it, if i want to close the game i press it. etc
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I agree...

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