I made a Studying/Relaxing playlist full of video game music


Here's the link, there's a Shuffle option: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL719789CCE8C818B5

Well I think this might be one of my first threads. If you're a fan of video game music and searched for it on YouTube, chances are that you've stumbled upon a couple of my "SupraDarky's favorite VGMs" videos. I've been doing it for more than 5 years now (crazy!).

A couple months ago, I completed my Master and decided to upload the playlist that helped me go through most of my studies. I've been getting tons of great feedback with a lot of people saying it's helping them as well. It's still growing (about 4 hours 10 hours of music right now). You end up associating the tracks with studying, which allows you to immediately turn your concentration on when needed in a pleasant way. I still use this playlist to surf the web sometimes as well.

Dolphin's Intrigue is a perfect sample, especially starting at this part with the constant bass melody. Just gets me in the groove right away.

I'm pretty sure midterms are around the corner, so I thought now was good time to let some of you VGM fans know about it and maybe help you go through the study grind! Hopefully some of you enjoy it.


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I will study my last semester in college wisely with this tool you have given me. Bless you fellow GAF member.
Yeah I've been lurking forever and post from time to time! My previous username was SDZeta but I asked a mod to change it to SupraDarky recently.
SupraDarky, you rock. I've been listening to your playlists for years on YouTube. GREAT stuff, seriously. You're one of my favorite YouTubers.

Thanks so much for this relaxing playlist. :)
Been subscribed to you for a while Supra, and for good reason. I had a list of relaxing videogame music of my own, but it was comprised of picks from your channel!

Keep up the great work, and thanks.
Yay, need this for my consistent all-nighters. Also, cool that SupraDarky's a gaffer, never really expected it.

Edit: Why no Faron Woods (TP) here? :p
Wow, what timing! I was literally looking today for a study playlist consisting of videogame music and was hoping for a gaf thread. :D