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I miss being blown away by new-gen graphics....


Gold Member
Dec 7, 2020
Maybe I'm just getting older or it is diminishing returns. I am playing Horizon for the first time thanks to the 60fps and for a 2017 game I am still blown away. Honestly I don't even need better graphics, work on other things like enemy variety, better level design, more variety in environments etc, for me personally 2017 graphics in 60fps is enough. As long as we get games looking like Horizon and Last of Us 2 running in 60fps I am satisfied. Of course things like level designed restricted from the HDD should also be resolved so we have less going through right caves in games. So to conclude give me Horizon, Red Dead 2 level of graphics in 60fps without level design choices based around HDD and the gen would be enough for me.

Before anyone mentions this I haven't felt like this for a generation ever I have been gaming since the SNES. When PS1 came out I always felt we need 3D graphics. Going from PS1 to PS2 I always felt near the end of generation games looked to boxy, and alot of games are not true 3d (prerendered backgrounds). Then with end of PS2 I felt games were blurry and resolution was low, and finally PS3 games were jaggy and draw distance was not that great. With PS4 the main complaint I had was 30fps games but the look of the games still continue to blow me away, so just upgrading resolution was enough.
Love the positivity. I can’t think of a better time to be a gamer.


Apr 3, 2015
Games look good enough in most instances. If we can keep 60fps a standard from now on then im happy. The fact that some console games are even doing 120 is great.

I cant wait to see what comes later this generation. I think theres still gonna be moments we dont expect


Sep 14, 2014
I'd love to see this gen show this kind of interaction and physics simulation. I don't care at all about super-high resolution, incredibly high poly count or things like that, what really give you the impression to be in a living world is the interaction and this has gone worst and worst in last years, I guess because of the shitty CPUs, but now there are no more excuses.