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I Think Disney (Marvel Entertainment & LucusFilms) is slowly realizing the magnitude and potential of Marvel and Star Wars in Gaming.

Your speaking like a consumer rather ee than an actually investor. Regardless of your opinion about individual film, worldwide these gross billion including Spiderman.

If this was a discussion about their Television brand BRAVIA and smartphone, XPERIA, continue to flop, thrn yes, thry should sell those off but Sony is in a place where they can survive on playstation, image sensor and remaking, rebooting Spider-Man ever 5 years if they wanted t to.

I am a consumer and an investor. It's not a mutually exclusive thing. Xperia and Bravia should go the way of Vaio, yes, but we are not talking about that.

A film's gross does not equal to profit. I'm sure you know that. Especially when it's co financed like the majority of Sony's films. Profit has to be split up. The best ROI movies for Sony are horror movies like Don't Breathe. And besides Spider-Man and Bond (Sony doesn't have the rights to it anymore), what other Sony film has reached 1B?

Pictures is a low ROI division. Period. And that capital will bring me more money if it's invested in GN&S division.
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