I think I either hacked the Wii U Miiverse or I am stupid.

Jun 13, 2011
OP if you do the right thing you will be remembered in the years like the one who broke the WiiU online on day one...
"remember the online failure of nintendo on wiiu's day one?"
if you don't want to do it at least pm some evil mind on how to access the debug mode (not me i haven't a wiiu)
Mar 17, 2010
Think of it this way, OP, if you dont do something, someone more menacing will come along and do things much worse. Think of the potential worse crimes that would-be troublemakers would unleash upon the Miiverse.

You can destroy the Miiverse to the ground and make Nintendo start anew. You can set an example, you can protect the people. They may not understand it now, but they don't know the half of it. Be the silent guardian. Be the watchful protector.

NOT doing this makes you morally accountable. Sometimes, when you got a little fungus in your bread, it's best to throw the whole lot out.

Be the hero Nintendo needs, but does not deserve.
Jun 14, 2009
hold it!
i think i know what happened.

the IDs are tied to a system right?

so admins/moderators must have special wii u's that gives them their powers.

So i assume that for some reason, OP got his hands on an admin/moderator Wii u.