I think I either hacked the Wii U Miiverse or I am stupid.

Nov 2, 2010
Budapest, Hungary
I know, but it also needed an expensive peripheral used only with one other game. It was a great game meant to sell an expensive peripheral, and it wasn't at all accessible because of it. Wii version is inferior, but it's not being sold with a gimmick that costs too much.
Well, it's probably easier for me to look back on the game with sweet nostalgia because I got the game with the bongos for $10, haha. But it's definitely better with bongos!

On topic: I want Yoshi U to be a 2D sidescroller with a more zoomed-out view + more speed than Mario.
Jun 23, 2012

Jungle Beat is much better with the bongos.
If by "is much better" you mean "controls like shit", I agree! The bongo controls are nothing but a lame gimmick.

On the topic of Yoshi's Land, I'm not getting excited until it's actually revealed, because even if it exists I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be some low-rent glorified minigame like Touch & Go.