I think I either hacked the Wii U Miiverse or I am stupid.

Jun 23, 2012
Dublin, Ireland
I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't see the pictures correctly (at a readable size that it). If you are unable to delete everything, what options specifically are open to you with the exception of the ability to make yourself a regional administrator?

EDIT: I'm on Firefox by the way in case that is relevant to the pictures appearing small.

EDIT: The linked images work fine. Well, wow.
Jun 10, 2012
Day 1 hacks are pretty bad, but I think shipping the game to retailers before the retailers themselves knew about it, more or less shipping with like 2 astronomically bad games is much worse.
This isn't a hack. This is Nintendo is bad at software systems. This isn't even the only thing wrong with this launch and system. It's a disaster that Nintendo, in 2012, is having trouble keeping pace with what Sony and Microsoft were doing years ago!
Jul 7, 2007
Just so I'm understanding this...they have a meta refresh htm file? WTF could possibly be on that, a meta refresh to another page? Jesus Nintendo.

On another note, if we have access to the jsconsole I think it'd be interesting to see what kind of schenigans we could get into.