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I think I saw a bug in the simulation, guys.


incest on the subway
Jan 2, 2007
If you think it is possible to amass enough computing power to simulate the universe then it stands to reason that you're far more likely to be in one of the simulations than in the original universe that is running them.

This quote from the New Yorker is fun:

The simulation argument begins by noticing several present-day trends in technology, such as the development of virtual reality and the mapping of the human brain. (One such mapping effort, the brain Initiative, has been funded by the Obama Administration.) The argument ends by proposing that we are, in fact, digital beings living in a vast computer simulation created by our far-future descendants. Many people have imagined this scenario over the years, of course, usually while high.
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Feb 7, 2012
What the hell are you talking about?

She's been my wife for 12 years now, there's no bragging in sex... the only reason to mention sex is that it's a cardio exercise, requiring more oxygenation, and therefore possibly linked to a lack of oxygen possibly caused by the mask.

Sounds like you are still glitching, when it stops you will find yourself in a back alley rubbing against a crusty old sock
Feb 25, 2013
I was only sort of just teasing with my first post OP. I've had quite a few "strange" experiences. But I attribute them more to the spiritual realm more than anything. For me, that includes alternate dimensions btw. I've even had... several friends who've seen stuff in electronics like "Clockwork Elves". And this was before it was anywhere near common on the web. In fact, the first place I heard about them was from a random forum on drugs and drug abuse when I was doing research for a crazy new drug (Spice,K2) that a friend of mine was on and seriously addicted to. His brother wanted help getting him off of it. So I did some research and stumbled upon a post where a person was asking if anyone else was seeing things like small creatures in electronic devices screens. Especially the white fuzz from old analogue TV signals. There where MANY very surprised replies saying they saw it too and that they thought it was just them... I then asked my friend if his brother had seen anything like that. He asked and said yes. I was floored. A few years later I came across this movie...

And it freaked me the heck out. Watch it. But don't watch any previews.

Another story,

Once upon a time, my brother got a pretty sweet stereo system as a gift from our parents for working hard. (Not gonna lie, I was pretty jelly) He didn't know how to set it up so I went to his room and helped him program it. That night, the thing kept turning on to one of his rock CD's. After about the fourth time, mom started yelling up the stairs, pretty angry. So I went into his room and checked the manual to make sure I had the sleep and wake setting set correctly. Ran through the setup procedure again, made sure it was off and then went back to bed. My brother was actually spooked at this point. He said his room was cold and he didn't want to stay in it so he slept in mine. It turned on once again just before everyone was about to wake up. Really loud. So I went into his room before we went downstairs for breakfast to see if I could figure anything else out. Everything seemed like it should be though so we just listened to some cd's. Mom was pretty angry though, thinking we where messing around. So, afraid that she'd take the system away or something, I made sure to completely unplug it before going downstairs to eat. I was also the last one down.

Halfway through breakfast, everyone sitting at the table discussing the day ahead... the stereo turned back on, had to be full blast. Blaring some sort of crazy bass heavy white noise that I'd never heard before. It almost sounded like music. It was insane. Mom was really mad. But before she could say anything I told her that I had literally just unplugged it. She could see by the super shocked look on our faces that we where probably telling the truth and that we looked pretty terrified right about now. Neither of us wanted to go up there. So she went up the stairs, the white noise, or whatever the heck that was, stopped and when she came back down she said it was still plugged in and that she unplugged it. She said that from now on, if we aren't listening to it, we have to unplug it completely. And we did.

That was the last time that happened. My brother ended up just staying in my room for the rest of the time we lived in that house as weird things kept happening in that room. It's crazy, because we could have had our own separate rooms. So we felt that strong that the other room was haunted or something.


Oct 31, 2019
Can relate, well kinda.

Saw an apparition of a cat once. Vanished into thin air right in front of my eyes when I flipped on the light. My two cats were in the room watching it when I entered and both turned and booked when it disappeared.

Glitch in the system or something, freaked me the fuck out. Nobody believes me because it’s a cat, eh whatever. I know what I saw. Apparently animal ghost sightings are by far the most common.