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Cringe Event I think the Miss Universe judges have cataracts.


Apr 25, 2009
Africans are only about 3% of the population at most, unless you're talking about blacks in general then it would be 15%.

How are the winners decided? If it's by votes from the audience than wouldn't that mean woke voters voted her in for points?
They all came from Africa at some point, even the Jamaicans.


The Tribe Has Spoken
Oct 27, 2017
your mind
Some of them came from the ME. As much as that knowledge angers some people.

But anyway it's 15% not 12 regardless. My actual question is how do the judges decide the winner?
While Miss Universe does not disclose what that scoring system looks like exactly, pageant coach Valerie Hayes explains that in preliminary pageant competition, each judge assigns a score to a contestant to be averaged in with the scores of their fellow judges. Those scores are meant to be erased once the semifinal competition begins, so all remaining contestants are on the same level playing field. A “mention system” might also be used, in which “judges are asked to score a contestant with a ‘1’ when they display a high skill level and a ‘0’ if their skill level is average or below.” To determine the winner among those final 3 during the “Final Look,” there is likely a forced ranking system in place. Hayes says that “forced ranking is typically combined with either a points-based or mention scoring system and only used for the final ballot. In this case, contestants receive points or mentions throughout the preliminary and final competitions.