I Wanna Be The Floe (Stream of A Man Putting Himself Through Various Videogame Hells)

This is like the NES days. Keep dying until you get it or quit. I wouldn't be able to play these kinds of games nowadays. I can't even imagine his blood pressure.


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And the ad money helps him keep his sanity I'm sure.
I won't even ask him about the money he makes these days. I know floe from my HS days and back then he took tournies and a lot of money in grudge matches up to ten afterwards.

I'm use to people raging. You gotta get out its much worse to bottle all that in when you play extremely hard stuff which all i ever saw when he was hanging around with wcmaxi, fetz, brian fury, or kageh. It's not personal so I don't see why people react to rage like they never seen it.
I watched Boshy be conquered numerous times, but at this rate he isn't going to get anywhere. He needs to stop now! The game gets fucking sadistic, and hes not far at all...
I've been watching him since he started playing IWBTG and completed it, was pretty great. This is one of those games that I enjoy watching someone play but would never touch. So frustrating and unfair!

I really hope someone is recording this.

"Why are there even spiders in the jungle?"
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formerly sane
The most he's ever done is roll his eyes, then laugh it off afterwards.
Watch him lose or make him lose he will become a lot different. I know this from personal experience. Both me and friend knocked him out of a tourney once especially when he should've and the shit talking I heard about afterwards was simply put epic. T

He gets uppity nothing like the lan types I've seen blow up but you will know when you get under his skin especially with a simple tactic.


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Wow, what a coincidence - yesterday I just happened to stumble onto him trying to beat that game, and it was one of the most entertaining streams I've seen PERIOD - I couldn't believe how much Justin had me rolling with the Batman and FGC imitations - watched it all till the game broke him on that final level and he stopped.

Sucks that I missed him beating that level and the game today, I wanted to see that live too.

So funny because it was on pure chance that I found that stream yesterday, and now this thread was made today about this. He was playing Soul Calibur V two days ago and all.

Damn this eagle bit looks annoying yet so simple if he'd just take a break and do it again with a calm mind.