I want good ice cream. What are good brands and their flavors?

I have been eating a lot of the Hagen Daz Green Tea flavored ice cream and it is fantastic. Need to try out Halo Top's stuff. Hear their candy bar is Snickers ice cream-like and I'm curious about their green tea.


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Talenti Sea salt or something like that. It's so good, but mostly comes in smaller cartons.

Sea salt caramel. Damn it's so good.
Haagen-Dazs Vanilla is always good. Other flavors mess with the formula by adding corn syrups + cheap shortcuts to keep prices uniform. Nestle owns the company however, so your buying preferences may change depending on your personal values. No gums or gels used.

Ben and Jerry's stuff tends to be high in sugar with gum additives + gels for easy scooping. Sophisticated flavors use a lot of corn products. Question marks on what is "natural flavor" listed in ingredients.

Otherwise, check out your local ice cream parlors. Can't really recommend ice cream that requires a plane ticket.

You could also look into buying an ice cream machine + make your own ice cream.
Some good quality dairy. Not vanilla, dairy.

+ Rum N Raisin

Bought a couple of boxes today actually from good old Joe's Ices which I haven't had since I was a nipper.
The correct answer is probably something local to you where you can be sure it hasn't been thawed and refrozen.

But if we're limited to big store brands, I prefer Talenti and Haagen-Dazs as others have mentioned.
Ben & Jerry's + Hagen Daz are the best brands in terms of store bought Ice Cream. No matter which flavor you chose you will not be disappointed. Sure the prices might be higher than most but the flavor more than makes up for it and you will never want to go back to cheaper/ mediocre brands.
“Americone Dream” From Ben and Jerry’s is amazing. Since it released a few years I’ve yet to ever tire of it. Love the swirl of caramel.

I’m more of a vanilla guy most of the time, but this one is an exception I’ll make.


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Ben and Jerrys and Haagen dazs are far and away the best brands in terms of easy to find, consistent quality, and interesting flavors.
Always get a kick out of meeting people who don't know Haagen dazs is just a made up phrase created by some dudes from New York. The amount of smug twits I've come across who assume it's some European brand is hilarious.
Talenti is really good tbh. I've tried a couple of their flavors and haven't been disappointed.

Halo-top has this cookie dough ice cream that is good imo.