I wish that Sega announce Sonic Adventure 3

Today is the day that Sega will announce something with Sonic at SXSW, but we don't know what exaclty is.

I really wish that Sega makes a Sonic Adventure 3, just because we deserve a proper 3D Sonic game, not a racing game with Sonic. I always felt that the Sonic parts in the Adventure games are awesome, so if they just focus on that, maybe the game can work fine. Something with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow, but with the fun and speedy stuff, not the bullshit to race against someone or collecting emeralds - but I would love to hear Hunnid-P doing his jam for Knuckles.

What do you guys think?
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Sonic Heroes was an evolution of that formula, and then so was 2006 StH nightmarefest. Those are your SA3's.

The fast speedy stuff is colors i guess, though 2d sections are lame. Generations was awesome too, these games mostly focus on the fast/speedy stuff that people liked from SA1/2. So that with an overworld that isnt trash?

I want a giant playground open world with loops and stuff everywhere, there was a fan demo going around many years ago of a really smooth 3d sonic system in a big 3d playground , just need tight mechanics, drop dash and the aim thing possibly.
I loved the 1st one, seemed magical back when i was 11 getting my dreamcast for xmas and playing it with my brother. I could never get into 2 but Id love for them to anounce adventure 3 and for it to realy catch my eye.
I've been meaning to revisit SA2, but I have the feeling my nostalgia-rose glasses will only work so much on that title.

SA3 would be neat, but yes...a chao garden would be an absolute must.

What I'd -really- like to see from Sega: Mania 2 (or even a Mania 1 DLC), remaster of S3&K, and a proper release of Knuckles' Chaotix for the few million people that never got to experience it.
Sonic '06 was Sonic Adventure 3.
If it was, we want a Sonic Adventure 4, in terms of budget, quality and refinement as the first ones had.

This is the worst argument possible people use to dismiss Adventure 3 as a desire part of the fanbase wants. Sonic 06 was shit? Ok, not because it was using adventure formulaic, but because SEGA America and its new politics back then as a 3rd party.


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I'd love a SA3. But I know it'd be shit like every sonic game since SA2(excluding Mania)...