"I Witnessed the Most Powerful Console Ever."

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...for a year or two.

Well, to be fair Apple says this every year, they love it.

And they have to push for that idea as much as they can so people don't freak out when they see the $499 price tag.

To this point, sure. What console do you think is more powerful than Scorpio? Seems accurate to me. If it's really $500 though, good fucking luck with that....

Here's all you need to know whether or not if MS actually knew why the PS4 was, and still is, smacking them around in sales numbers
There isn't just one reason, but sure the fact that every single time a game came out the best console version was on PS4 hurt them.
I wish they would just show some goddamn games and move on from the most powerful shit. I'm going to get it, but man this campaign is terrible. We know it's strong as hell because we've been told since June 2016.
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