"I work at NeoGAF for a living..."

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I have had someone unknowingly bring up a post to show me something a few times.
That doesn't narrow it down, I bring up NeoGAF posts to everyone I meet. It's how I pretend that I'm funny/

Would you like to join the Secret Game?

Only me, Rest, Floridian and EskimoJoe are playing at the moment.

John Kowalski had to... retire... for the evening.

edit: And so did terrisus >.>
Blargonaut, what are you doing! You can't tell them about the Secret Game! They haven't gone through initiation! There's hazing to do, a manual to read. You're going to blow everything!

-5 points.
My personal believe is that Modbot is slowly gaining self awareness and being conditioned to one day take over the site when Tyler decides to retire .
oh I do have a legitimate question I dunno who gave me my tag

or do I? I think it was nirolak, or something

I mean who here reaches paranoia rpg levels c'mon
Although if you sort the gaming forum threads in number of Views, some threads are getting between 3 and 5 million views, which should be pretty decent in terms of ad revenue.
As someone connected to the gaming industry, let me assure you it is for sure influential and devs / pubs / retailers care whats being posted here. On gaming side at least
You and I sound like complete opposites. I make it a point to spout my opinion freely without context. It's gotten me this far in life, why stop now?
Bwahaha. I just like to take in info and store it god knows where.

That is my middle name :X! I get bored at work, and I'm the type that loves to read news of all kinds, it's great to have to all nice and comapact with all kinds of opinions. Also, funny note, like 4 years ago I made a note there was a Uruguayan guy ( you) posting on this forum to my Uruguayan girlfriend. She thought I was weird. :(
Every time all the mods get up in a thread I get real excited that it's a tag-fishing thread. But I just realized I've already been tagged twice, once to "Junior Member" and then once to "Member" and I figure it's probably best I don't go fishin', my track record with tags ain't so hot...
So I know the mods don't get paid, but do Bish and Gromph?

Yeah. Go to places like Reddit, GameFAQs, YouTube, and even places like the Giant Bomb or GameTrailers forums. I think IGN is the only big gaming forum I can think of that doesn't completely despise GAF, and that's probably because there is (was) a lot of overlap in users. There are a lot of former IGN posters here.

People spend hours creating free content OTs for a for profit website. Mods spend hours cultivating a community for free for a for profit website. One person profits from it all.

I enjoy the contrast between this dynamic and the general forum attitude toward, say, increase of minimum wage or just compensation for work done.
Not sure if you're trying to imply irony, but everything here is completely 100% optional. To compare the two is silly, but I'm sure you already recognize this.

No, you mistake it for Opiate.
So I'm not the only one who thinks Opiate is a robot.
Wait. Do you mean you don't get paid to post here? I do. I make posts all the time that only EskimoJoe Gold members can see, and you can be one of them for the low, low price of $7.99 a month. PM me for details.
I can send the money via paypal (BORING) or I can enter you into this week's Neogaf Lottery entry*, where we are giving away literally millions and I mean millions of GAF points**. You can PM me for details.
I'm going to need your credit card details
GAF points™ are an imaginary non-redeemable currency used only for entertainment purposes and should not be given to minors
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