ICE arrests illegal man wanted for murder the left goes nuts.


Mar 12, 2014
I have no problems at all with others having opinions, PERIOD. However all he does is parrot the same shit no matter what thread he is in and is pushing the same damn agenda that caused Neogaf to implode before, that needs to stop.
It's not fair to attribute the genuine political views he subscribes to as the cause of the implosion, and he should be allowed to respectfully argue for his views the same as anyone else. The more he does the better for everyone frankly, both in terms of having someone to debate with, and in terms of keeping the forum lively and successful. What needs to be avoided, and what the admins are doing a great job of avoiding, is repeating the real cause of the implosion. And that was the rampant silencing of dissenting views and other "tactics" of people who share the poster in question's political views. But all this poster is doing is expressing his views, and he deserves no flak for that beyond disagreement by those who disagree.