[IEM] World Championship Season VII 2013 (StarCraft II HotS and LoL) $250,000


relies on auto-aim
So much SC2 tonight, think i'm going to stick with the HOTS. Could these commentators be anymore awkward?
Analyst desk.

IEM filler guy, QXC (Actual player and theory craft master), and some Protoss who won't talk.
Filling time is hard if you can't bounce off anyone.

A WhiteRa vs Hyun replay is on the alt stream (Nathanias)

Kudos to Hazaro for starting a thread. :D

This looks like one hell of a fun tournament. HotS play and a lot of high caliber progamers.

  • Terran - Dream, YoDa, Mvp
  • Zerg - Stephano, viOLet, Nerchio
  • Protoss - PartinG, First, MC

Nice balance of talent among all the races.
Aweesome , looking forward for this as well . Not very familiar with the Terran's participant yet , though it might change once I see their plays .
Bad templar usage hurt Hasu so bad that game.

Mutas are insanely buffed. Not sure why Blizzard thought that was a great idea.
Because mutas are way more fun to watch than roaches. I approve the buff, that was a much more exciting PvZ than either roach maxing or turtle to infestor broodlord.


relies on auto-aim
The thing is you have to kill mutas now and Zerg can use fewer numbers to have effective harass.

I love it.

Build more than 1 turret per mineral line. Add mines. Or make like 2 phoenix + upgrade and micro them. So good.


but ever so delicious
Looks like Nath can't even get back into the second game.

I haven't paid much attention to SC2 for a good while, Still can't believe how bad B.Net 2.0 is though.


relies on auto-aim

What a nice mech timing push. 2/2 upgrades, blue flame, good position, supporting rally production of widow mines.

*The physics on dead units are awesome too. A ling running into hellions had it's burning body slide across the creep. Drones actually explode into pieces.