If you could add Dinosaurs to any existing video game franchise, what would it be?


Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.
Animal Crossing.

"So, about that rent you owe-"


Metal Gear Solid. You would need to use stealth to avoid them or you could even hunt and eat them like MGS3. And there could be a Metal Gear vs T-Rex fight.
Genetically modified, Versalife-manufactured dinosaur enemies in a new Deus Ex game.

And for newer fans, no this is not far out. We've already had Greazels and Grays. I want to see the franchise take risks like this again.

Rapture was the go to place for unrestricted science so who's to say someone didn't recreate a dinosaur or two? You know you want to see a Big Daddy go head to head with Jurassic Park style raptors.
Uncharted. A game where you find a Skull Island-esque uncharted Island where some dinosaurs are still alive and some have even evolved into weirder-looking dinosaurs would be pretty rad.
With the inclusion of a playable dinosaur (not named Yoshi) in Super Mario Odyssey, I was wondering what other video game franchises would be interesting with dinosaurs added in.
Coincidentally, it's the same as my PS1/PS2 backward compatibility wishlist :)

Silent Hill

Bushido Blade

NBA Street Vol 2
So do you mean LIVE dinosaurs?
Because I'm pretty sure there are dead dinosaurs in Animal Crossing. :p
Years ago, warriors of light broke them and scattered their pieces across the kingdom.

thousands of years later, they were slowly reassembled by unwitting museum curators. Their power has returned, and they've returned to eat the animals that wronged them

The tropical setting and survival gameplay is already there, literally just replace the tigers with velociraptors and you're halfway to the perfect Jurassic Park game.

Boss Doggie

all my loli wolf companions are so moe
Also, OP should make it more specific.

add playable dinosaurs to existing video game franchises

because shooting dinosaurs is boring, I want to be the hunter!