IGN Gamescoop teases some game (?) news/announcement this weekend... Any ideas?


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Daemon asks Marty, and Marty says when do we go up? Daemon says Thursday (Today), and Marty says some news is gonna break over the weekend which IGN will have next week.

Marty just says

over the weekend we will get some cool news and there will be a big thing happening next week probably by the time we record this show next week
Any ideas what the IGN crew are talking about?

Edit:Time Stamp 49:20 when they start this tease


Ask me about the GAF Notebook
CoD makes sense I guess.

World premiere trailer during the NBA Playoffs this weekend. Then sites who got to see the game can post impressions next week.
Isn't cod WWII being announces tomorrow? I thought I read that earlier in the week, but I might be imagining things.
Charlie Intel doesn't have anything about it, and they're usually on top of any and all new CoD news. But this is around the time that Activision usually starts to talk about new CoD games (anywhere between now and very early May).
Pokemon direct announcement let's goooooo.

Or it will be CoD. Or some other MMS (Military Man Shooter). Maybe Splatoon 3. Only the inklings are replaced with soldiers, the paintball guns are replaced with real guns, turf war is the same only using splatters of enemy blood and the setting is now Basra circa 2004.
Oh man, it's gonna be the new Call of Duty isn't it! Can't wait. And it's gonna be set in World War II as well. That's a bold and unprecedented move for the franchise. Oh man. Oh god oh man. I can barely contain myself.