IGN - "If you're a Nintendo fan, you should probably stay up tonight." [Mario Kart 8]

Not a big Nintendo fan, not going to stay up, but interested. Kind of a dick move, if this isn't good then I imagine a lot of people will be upset with IGN.
Nah, There's still Smash Bros, Bayo, and the inevitable Legend of Zelda.
Well, i was exaggerating but Mario Kart is the only game guaranteed to not be disappointing. Sakurai can't be trusted, and I don't know how good X will be. Zelda games are always controversial and never seem to be "good enough."

Mario Kart laughs at all the other franchises as it drives into the sunset....
Unrealistic expectations: The return of F-Zero because.....

What will actually happen:
The return of F-Zero because...

A person can dream
Wow. The first time in days that I don't plan to be up late. Fantastic.

Guess I'll have a fantastic time glancing at my phone during morning lecture.

and I know it's just Mario Kart.
Yeah I'm only going to be excited if a Nintendo Direct was announced.

Or if IGN somehow knows the next Smash update is a megaton; like a new character.
Do big AAA tiles get announced on IGN?
I thought only GameInformer got that honor....

or maybe its...."Breaking Stock Tip: Iwata to be fired before the bell tolls thrice!"
When it's Nintendo, are there really big AAA titles?

And, knew it was Mario Kart. What's to announce? We've got a release date and there's quite a bit of footage. Just chill and wait for it to come out.
I do like how broad the term "Nintendo Fan" is. As if the same audience that is pining for Metroid Prelude/Starfox Cosmos/F-Zero XX is the same audience that has an blissful aneurysm over new Mario Kart items.

There is a liiiiiittttlllleeee bit of a divide, don't cha know.