IGN: Knack 2 acknowledges where the first game fell short, fixing a lot of problems

Feb 14, 2015
IGN's Andrew Goldfarb played a Knack 2 demo at PSX

The game openly acknowledges the shortcomings of its predecessor (one character says to Knack, “it’s hard to believe you saved the world. All you know are three punches and a kick”) and has actually added a pretty robust moveset for combat and platforming.
[...]abilities include a dash, body slam, multi-punch, jump kick, and a few other basic combat moves.

What makes the system more robust is a skill tree for upgrading any individual move or ability. Throughout Knack’s levels, you’ll collect Relic Energy, and you can spend that to increase power, range, or several other variables depending on your play style. You can also pick up additional, more advanced moves for Knack, like the ability to stun enemies from a distance or pull them closer to you from afar, Scorpion-style.
Knack 2 isn’t necessarily going to reinvent the platformer, but it’s definitely trying to fix a lot of the problems that were present in the first game, and it’s clear that Sony’s Japan Studio has paid attention to player feedback.
Sounds interesting

EDIT: Another very positive preview, now by Andrew Reiner from Gameinformer.


Within just a few minutes of play, Knack 2 establishes itself as a more fully-featured game, feeling a little bit like a linear Jak & Daxter experience with strong cooperative play. In the first stage I played, which showcases a high level of verticality, platforming is the primary focus, sending Knack across moving platforms and open chasms that push the player to approach them in different ways. One jumping exercise may simply ask you to time your jump to land on a moving platform, whereas the next challenge may require a double jump and spinning glide (a la Jak & Daxter) to land safely on a ledge before a door closes and blocks your passage
Jan 1, 2015
I never played the first game, but I thought that trailer looked alright. The combat was definitely more diverse than anything I saw of the first game, and some of the co-op stuff seemed cool.

It's still hilarious that this game exists though.


May 31, 2013
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I actually didn't mind the combat, but it needs much better platforming, and a lot more of it.
Jul 8, 2011
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REALLY wish they had improved the blander-than-bland art style. Combat actually looks way better and the trailer showed more platforming than probably was in the whole first game. That's what I want is way more platforming.
Apr 25, 2013
Trailer looked fun, and quite frankly we need more games like this. I have no issue with this being made and had a bit of fun with the first game.

This is definitely a game for everyone. We need more of em.
Dec 12, 2010
They need better designed levels, more level variety, more enemy variety, better platforming segments, a Trophy and unlockable system that makes sense (don't make us have to download a shitty phone app to unlock shard bits to unlock Vampire Knack and such) and isn't completely random. More open stage design would also be nice since the first was linear, but the debut trailer seems to point to the same arena set battle areas and linear level design.

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Feb 14, 2014
It's really odd that a tech demo where the team was told to aim for a 70 metacritic at best, (and didn't even reach that), is getting a sequel. Who even remembers Knack besides the ironic propping up of it's quality on GAF?
Nov 22, 2015
Really, cause that trailer was literally indistinguishable from the first game.

Hell I even saw like, 10-15 repeated environments in there.
Strange, because I and most others in the PSX thread could tell instantly that it was Knack 2.

Why the hate towards Knack? We joke about it but it's not terrible.

Some people just don't want that game to exist.
A lot of people seem to enjoy hating games more than playing them.
Nov 9, 2007
Not like I've played Knack, but doesn't a lot of it come from the fact that Knack himself is ugly as sin? Just a really weird looking character. Should've given him some cool redesign.
I think Knack design is fine, both the small and big form. It's the human side character that have bad art style imo.
Jul 11, 2016
Brussels, Belgium.
Strange, because I and most others in the PSX thread could tell instantly that it was Knack 2.

A lot of people seem to enjoy hating games more than playing them.
Of course it was obvious it was Knack 2, the sequel is rumored since years and they wouldn't make a trailer for a PS+ release. Still, everything we saw in the trailer was the same shit as it was in the first game. They show nothing to prove that they "learned" from their mistakes.


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Jun 15, 2016
I hope all you guys are actually going to buy this, because otherwise your meme has cost Sony a lot of money, lol.


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Sep 26, 2009
Fool me once, shame on me. We will see if this game fools people twice and is a shame on them (Sony).

Worst launch game and I cannot believe how much love it gets from some people on GAF.

That said if they listened to the feedback of what was wrong and they fix the technical (framerate) issues I will consider trying the series again because I really liked the games idea back before it released and I actually played it.