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IGN: Top 10 PSP Games

Yep - Ridge, Everybody's Golf and Lumines were launch day games that were still up there with the best on the console at the end of its life.

RaZoR No1

the PSP is/was awesome...
such a same that Sony didn't support the Vita at all and let it die. It didn't even came close to the PSPs library..
No Jeanne d'Arc? Blasphemy!

Bought a Camo PSP/MGS bundle just for Peace Walker. Then like 3 months later the thing died on me and Sony wanted like $150 for repairs, so I said fuck it. Then a year later PW was available in the MGS HD collection anyways with 60fps and better controls. I should’ve just waited but Kojima said it was only gonna be on PSP.
I remember I was in boot camp and Liberty City Stories had come out, on the one night of Liberty they gave us like a week before graduation I went out to a Gamestop and bought a PSP and Liberty City Stories. I spent the next week "taking a shit" so I could play it.....Lol.

Then a few years later, I had to go to a "C" School while in the military, and the day I got to the school, Ghost of Sparta had come out and I went and bought the God of War PSP which came with the game so I had something to play in the evenings.
They forgot these two:

Rondo of Blood Remake (incl. the first western release of the original game)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (they should really port this to PSN with ranked online matches)
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