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i'm a "new" linux user ... finally!


i just installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

i've tried countless times and always something goes wrong. this time though....no issues! my gpu drivers were installed automatically! it recognised i have an ethernet cable and gave me internet! it recognised i have speakers connected and there was sound! it knows i have a 1440p screen with 144hz refresh rate and i can actually run at 1440p 144hz! these are issues i have experienced before and it felt like such a hassle trying to get them to work. this time it works "out the box". i'm so happy it's all working.

i'm not quite sure about ditching WIndows just yet but i'll happily use Linux as my secondary OS now. Not only are there games on Windows I can't play on Linux but there is also some software not available on Linux. I've found some alternatives already so who knows maybe I'll feel confident enough to make Linux my primary OS and only use Windows for gaming.

the point of this post is to get out my excitement of finally getting it to work and to see if there are any other linux users out there and if yous would be happy to share some tips/advice.


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Time to start reading about Gentoo, so you can install it few months from now : )


Linux is free, if your time is worthless.
apparently i've been trying to install linux for ~12 years. i just looked at the release history and i remember trying to install ubuntu 9.04. so yeah if it took me that long to get Linux working it doesn't seem good.

everything so far is working but i'm just waiting for something to not and force me back to Windows.
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