I'm working on a free book about every CRPG [Up: Open call for reviews]

Dec 14, 2010
United States
If anyone's interested, I did an interview with Shane Plays, talking about the book: https://youtu.be/SLtw1OF5GOs

Warning: HUEHUE accent ahead.
Thanks for linking to this.

The insight into Brazil was certainly interesting. I'm glad you're working on this project.

I find myself not wanting to read too much because I feel like it should be read slowly, in physical, and with a good drink nearby. I'm looking forward to it.
Since I still can't make a new thread, I'd like to kindly ask anyone still following this to give me a hand and create a new thread with the following text:

So, I was meditating on how modern gamers (and journos) often won't understand what makes older & more obscure games special…

I.e., Waypoint wrote an article on how some people prefer Morrowind over Skyrim, but since the writer clearly isn't into MW himself, he failed to convey just WHY people actually prefer Morrowind. Sure, he talks about the streamlining and unique landscape but that's like 1% of its charm.

Similarly, Gamespot made some months ago an Elder Scrolls retrospective, and the author - who admits first playing Oblivion - clearly had no idea why people liked (and still like!) Daggerfall. Seriously, he didn't even MENTION its dungeons or character creation!

Sadly, this will only get more common, and people lose track of gaming's ever-expanding history and rely more and more on hearsay.

So here's a different idea:

Write (briefly) memorable RPG moments / experiences that everyone should try once. It doesn't even matter if the rest of the game is shit - if there's one moment you think that redeems it, then write about it (avoiding spoilers as possible).

For example:

NWN2: The Maimed God's Saga: A role-playing heavy module based around Clerics and their faith, where choices are based on memorized spells and combat is rare & meaningful.

Fallout 1: Explore The Glow, one of the most unique and tense dungeons in any RPG.

Escape from Hell: recruiting Hitler into your party by presenting him with your copy of Mein Kampf.

Might & Magic VI: Side with evil, follow an entirely different storyline and transform you mage into a Lich!

Daggerfall: Create unique characters bending the game's rules and venture into massive, twisted dungeons without ever knowing if you'll find the way out again.

Anyone interested can do it for any RPG (even if other already did it). If this gets enough traction I'll probably compile a handy list and even include it in the CRPG Book.

I've began threads on this at the RPG Codex and the RPG Watch, and they are very interesting reads.
Don't wanna lose the NeoGAF replies just because I can't make a new thread. :)
When can we expect the release of the physical version? Any plans / dates yet? I'm there day 1.
Wanna do it this year still, but it's really hard to say...still need about 30 reviews to finish the book, but the pace of contributions has come to nearly a halt... I'm getting like 3-4 a month, at most. :(

I'll finish the book no matter what, even if I need to write all the remaining ones myself, but it may take a while...