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Imagine a very sweet, sugary, soap flavored soda

Mar 27, 2020
Lol i have the .iso on my psp. Its actually pretty tight. Very challenging though
The game is a commercial but it's the most fun commercial that I've played. Really was shocked the first time I saw that fat guy and his fridge full of Pepsi.

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Jun 17, 2004
Well, about half a century ago, my father and his friends came to United States from back then a third world country to work for an engineering company in midwest.

They (4 of them, who literally just graduated from college) were all staying in a cramped hotel room, and in the refrigerator - my father found bottles of Coca-cola.
He opened it up and drank it, and spit it out immediately, yelling "Guys! This Coca-cola in the refrigerator is rotten!"

And later, it turned out to be Dr. Pepper - and whenever I come across Dr. Pepper, I think of my father as young, ambitious person crossing the ocean to find his dream, and glad he's still in good health.

(I'm not much of Dr. Pepper person, but I do love ice cold root beer during hot weather though.)

For me, though - Welch's grape soda is my weakness. When I was young, living in Asia - Coca Cola, Pepsi and orange Fanta was already localized - but only the select few who knew about Welch's grape soda - almost like an exclusive club. I always chose Welch's over any other type of soda, but the it was rare rare occasion of when my mother had bought those from door-to-door sales person who sold U.S. imported goods - brings memories from my childhood whenever I see one.

But unfortunately - I can't find them anymore. Not sure if they went under? I see Welch's grape juice all over the place, but can't find Welch's grape soda in NJ. I was able to until 7-8 years back, but no more. :( The grape Fanta or whatnot just don't cut the real Welch's grape soda for me for some reason...