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Imagining Harry Potter as a Shonen manga/anime


J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series is iconic. A story about a teenage wizard in training and his friends at the prestigious boarding school of Hogwarts has evolved into a pop-culture cash cow with 7 books, 8 films, and mountains of merchandise, spin-offs, and prequels collectively known as the Wizarding World.

For shits and giggles, let's imagine what Harry Potter would be like... As a Shonen Jump-style manga/anime. What would be different, and how would the story be told in this style?
  • I think the first thing that would change is Harry's motivation's and personality. In the books and films, Harry is an orphan who is forced to live with his abusive Aunt and Uncle after his parents were murdered by lord Vademort. After staying a year at Hogwarts, he decides to hone his magic to defeat him. Shonen Harry would be a bit different. Instead of the mild-mannered newbie he is at the start of the series, he'd be an eccentric, goofy, and hot-headed wizard who joins Hogwarts eagar to become the very best like no one ever was, bringing his character more in-line with a typical Shonen hero ala Naruto Uzumaki or Monkey D. Luffy.

  • Next, Harry would need a Shonen rival ala Grey or Sasuke. Draco Malfoy was kind of this in the books/films, but rather than being the token school bully, he'd be more of a brooding, cocky edge lord who wants to beat Harry to the punch at being the best Wizard. He'd also have the most OP magic in the series, that is until Harry pulls some BS spell out of his ass at the last minute.

  • Harry's friends would also be a bit different. I think Ron would largely be the same as his cannon counterpart, they goofy sidekick who's a bit clumsy. Hermione however would be more like other Shonen females such as Nami or Sakura. That is, she'd show up, do one or two useful things, then sit back and cheerlead for Harry for most of the fights, instead of being the studious but neurotic witch she is in cannon.

  • Speaking of fights, each fight would be long, drawn out, and span 30-50 episodes/chapters a piece. About 80 percent of a fight will be spouting pseudo-philosophical nonsense about friendship and destiny, characters over-explaining exactly what attack/spell we saw, and flashbacks to "tragic" backstories, and about 10% will be dedicated to actual fighting.
To be fair, I like Harry Potter as is, and I do like most Shonen anime even with its tropes. I just thought it'd be fun to imagine what the franchise would be like as a tropey Shonen anime.


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Well if you want Manga Harry Potter (+ One punch man) there's always Mashle:

Harry Potter was already basically an anime:

You could also include that the "mentor" character is really a massive fucking jackass in retrospect.
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You got a book/movie where the protagonist learns an energy blast passed down from his father (Azkaban), followed by a tournament arc (Goblet) and it all ends with Harry collecting wizard Dragon balls and a shot-for-shot remake of the Cell-Gohan beam struggle (Deathly Hallows).

Harry Potter's already anime as fuck.


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Can't wait for him screaming 3 episodes long to get a powerlevel increase.
Why I could never watch DBZ. I tried but it seemed like over three episodes they would talk power up by screaming for half the episode. fight for five seconds launch a massive nuke level attack only to have the bad guy survive then give an explanation how foolish the main character was. Then the baddie would level up by screaming. Then the good guy. Then end credits. Next episode recap more screaming.
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Harry Potter doesn't have actual magic power in the real world.

He was just Isekai-ed to Hogwarts after he fell from platform 9¾ and got hit by train-kun.
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After staying a year at Hogwarts, he decides to hone his magic to defeat him.
I don't think that's accurate at all. Harry never seriously trains to defeat Voldemort in canon. Until the end of 5 year he does not really see Voldemort as his problem and trusts Dumbledore to deal with it. Then it switches to "I'm going to die, I have no chance whatever I do.."..

First & Second year he is basically just having fun following Ron's example. Third year he studies a single spell seriously to not embarrass himself against dementors again.The closest he gets is fourth year to survive the triwizard tournament, but even here he wastes a lot of time moping around or having fun. 5th year he teaches others instead of studying himself and doesn't even take his occlumency lessons seriously. 6th year he waits futilely for Dumbledore to teach him something, which never happens. 7th year he is on the run and does no real training/studying either.
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