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Opinion Immortals Fenyx Rising is the best ubisoft game in the past few years


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Oct 10, 2018
Mom’s basement with my tendies
I’m enjoying it. It’s a good thing you can turn off the voices. The HUD and game options overall are excellent.

Game really reminds me of a Sudeki + Fable 1 combo with BOTWisms sprinkled in (that aren’t nearly as good as BOTW).


Oct 28, 2012
I want to give it a go but after Valhalla I am extremely put off. Maybe once it gets cheaper.

But I must say, I'm quite enjoying Watch Dogs Legion, it's actually not full of an overwhelming amount of things to do.


May 31, 2011
I got it unexpectedly for Christmas.

I've only played a little past the prologue but I like what I see so far. Some have complained about the problem of the game dumping little icons on your map, negating the need for exploration, but it appears that this element is optional. You can still, as far as I know, run around and discover things organically.

But yeah, it runs great at 60 fps with not much downgrade from the quality mode. I was able to make a cute main character. Weapons don't seem to break which is a relief to me.
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Jul 19, 2018
Nah. They’re the prettiest pieces of shit to hit the market, unbearably generic and rote in design, buoyed only by high quality production. The last Ubisoft game that was worth my time was Far Cry 3, and even that game began to grate with an all too familiar open world formula that Ubisoft has perfected.
Yea I bought watchdogs legion and should of just wiped my ass with my 60$ and it would of been more enjoyable and productive. Ubisoft just makes the most uninspired open world games and I just keep giving them another shot. Maybe I’ll buy this or Valhalla and hope for something decent but man I don’t have much hope. I really wish they’d do something akin to rockstar and have all studios work on one groundbreaking game instead of just churning out the same drivel ever year.
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