IMO, all "perfect" albums are judged in comparison to...

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Linkzg said:
what was this thread about again?
I think this is about what our most treasured albums are. The ones that all other music we listen to are compared by and what we think are perfect.

I think there's a difference between what we think are perfect albums and what our favorites are.

Also a pretty good topic for people who want to get into music.
sazabirules said:
It's like the Duke Nukem Forever of metal.
Guns N Roses snickers at those pretenders...

CajoleJuice said:
Crateman said:
Heh...amazing how my two picks for perfect albums are spoken for before the 15th post.

I don't pick 'DSOTM' because there's a couple of tunes I'm not crazy about, but structally and as an overall package it's very well made. Same is true for 'Meddle' and 'The Wall'. Few artists or bands made albums the way Pink Floyd did in terms of being one complete suite or piece (pretty much every album they created from the third album on was a concept), and I think that's a reason why their albums are so well regarded, while for most other artists and bands it's their singles that get most of the pub.

I'd also give these two albums some consideration...

voodoojohn said:
So I have a fetish for debut albums, **** me.
Nothing wrong with that...some of the best albums ever recorded were debuts (note: these are not my picks for the thread, just highlighting my favourite debut discs).

ManDudeChild said:
Riddle me this: How did this thread made it to two pages ... the OP has Blue October listed.
:lol This thread was over for me at post #13, but it's all good.

There are other albums I absolutely adore, like Matthew Good's 'Avalanche', Led Zeppelin's first six albums, Rolling Stones' 'Let It Bleed' and 'Exile On Main Street', Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours', Rush's Signals, 'Permenant Waves' and 'Moving Pictures' and U2's first six studio albums, but I wouldn't classify them as perfect...just all damn good (though 'Avalanche' is creeping closer to that mark for me).
junior boys - last exit

the organ - grab that gun

the cure - disintegration

slowdive - souvlaki

john coltrane - coltrane's sound

miles davis - kind of blue

dzihan and kamien - gran riserva

thievery corporation - mirror conspiracy

ben watt - buzzin' fly vol. 2

luomo - the present lover

kraftwerk - the man machine

boston - boston

the doors - strange days


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Squeak said:
You disappoint me NeoGAF! I'm saddened to see such a large amount of pretentious "indie" shit, that isn't the best anything.
Hilarious. There's 10 times more Tool & late 70s rock posted in this thread than anything else combined.

Anyway, we have this thread about once every two weeks, so I'll post basically the same things I always post.

Ween - The Mollusk (but every album they've ever done is fantastic)
New Kingdom - Paradise Don't Come Cheap
Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
Blonde Redhead - Fake Can Be Just as Good
Butthole Surfers - Hairway to Steven
Sonic Youth - Washing Machine (though this is always up for debate with me, I like 'em all)
The Wrens - The Meadowlands
Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice

I'd include Drive this Seven Inch Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart by Ink & Dagger as it's pretty much incredible, but alas it's basically two 7" compiled onto CD. Frown.

I mean, my list is Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Pink Floyd. The only good music ever has to be guitar rock from the 70s.
Lambtron said:
I mean, my list is Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Pink Floyd. The only good music ever has to be guitar rock from the 70s.
You say what I want to say in ways that I don't know how. Let's make sex.

Major props on mentioning The Mollusk, also.
Loads of good ones already posted. Here are mine and obviously incomplete.

Bush - The Science of Things
Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine
The Prodigy - Fat of the Land
Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Desireless - Eagle-Eye Cherry
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Metallica - Master of Puppets/...And Justice for All/The Black Album
Judas Priest - Painkiller/Defenders of the Faith/Screaming for Vengeance
Three Doors Down - The Better Life
Oasis - (Whats the Story) Morning Glory
Fluke - Risotto
So many great choices in this thread, but if I had to choose only one it would be:

I've never heard another album quite like it. From beginning to end, it takes you on an aural journey that mixes musique concrète, deep lyrics and mind expanding tones. It's like a movie for your mind. For better appreciation, I recommend listening to it from beginning to end and while reading this nifty analysis while you do. You'll appreciate the genius of this album even more.
I start reading a list and think, "Wow, this person has really good taste" -- and then interrupt myself mid-thought when I see a howlingly bad album in the middle of their otherwise good list.

(Repeat 20x to recreate my experience reading the entire thread)
Pet Sounds (The Beach Boys)
Tonight's the Night (Neil Young)
Loveless (My Bloody Valentine)
Kid A (Radiohead)
Endtroducing (DJ Shadow)
Remain in Light (Talking Heads)
Before and After Science (Brian Eno)
What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)
Perfect From Now On (Built to Spill)
You Forgot it in People (Broken Social Scene)
London Calling (The Clash)
Disintegration (The Cure)
Station to Station (David Bowie)
The Moon & Antarctica (Modest Mouse)
Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Spiritualized)
I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (Yo La Tengo)
Odelay (Beck)
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)
Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes State (Sufjan Stevens)
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain (Pavement)
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