In this thread, we give away FREE XBL Gold Trials and other XBLM/PSN download codes

Illuminati said:
Why bother saying dibs when someone is probably typing in the code as your are making a reply on the forum?
Alright, alright. Point taken. I foolishly underestimated the lurkers/unscrupulous. Just say what you have to give away and then PM the codes!
Grecco said:
Ive gotten codes from the XBLGold Kits and from a couple of the register your xbox things. Theres also codes in a Mad Catz Retro Arcade stick, and i think members of the press get codes for stuff like N+
Ah, ok.
brilliant idea for a thread btw, even if the leachers got the good stuff.

I have a too human code with my best buy preorder but I might actually buy the game :p


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Sean said:
Nice idea for a thread.

Might wanna add this link the OP (only for redeeming subscriptions/trials/Microsoft Points - not game content, but obviously much easier than typing it on a virtual keyboard w/ the gamepad):

I've got a few codes lying around just need to find them.
Wow, this makes things so much easier. Not just for this thread, but for when I buy point cards
HolyStar said:
I have several hundred microsoft points.
I can already tell I'm too slow for this, already beaten by about 10 people lol. But yea what the hell, can't hurt to ask for some points :D I want me some bionic commando!
I have two codes for UNO and one code for Robotron: 2084.

Also have a 1 Month Gold Subscription (I'm not sure if it only works for new subscribers or what).

EDIT: all sent out to the following people:
Duck - UNO
Illuminati - UNO (expired 6/30 and didn't work, sorry!)
RBH - Robotron
Kandrick - 1 month XBL Gold