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Indie game developer Chloe Sagal attempted suicide on TwitchTV, not dead

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works for Gamestop (lol)
Update 3: Apparently alive and in the hospital. Hopefully getting the help she needs.
She's alive and at the hospital. Not sure if I'm going to post more details but that's all I have for now, not sure if she even wants me to share that on here, but it sounds like things have gotten a bit serious... but she's okay right now.

Update 2: There's a video posted on YouTube, but seemingly shows no pill usage... There's nothing really graphic if you're concerned about the content, but it's basically just her sitting in front of her cam for 18 minutes
Some youtube users uploaded a twitch video

[no suicide in this one but it seems to be from today]


Update: There are people saying she overdosed on pills, so she may be alive. From 4chan:

Anonymous 05/13/13(Mon)01:40 No.189513408 i watched it live. was kind of boring. she was laying down in a bed then she took some pills or something i couldnt tell, and then the channel was shut down by a twitch admin before police arrived or anything so i just saw her laying down on her bed

Authorities where she lives were called while the stream occurred so there is a good chance they may have gotten to her.

More context about the Indiegogo campaign:

rather than trawling through CSI reddit, i think it's fairly reasonable to say that you can deduce what happened from these two posts:

from the project zomboid people: http://www.theindiestone.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=186717#p186717

from chloe herself: http://www.theindiestone.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=186659#p186659

what a mess.



You may have remember Chloe from this: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=534276

Chloe Sagal, a valued member of our community and fellow indie developer, needs life saving surgery to remove a piece of shrapnel after a car accident, and if she doesn’t have it removed it will be fatal.

She released a wonderful little game called Homesick, along with a donate button, with the hope of raising the money to be able to afford the surgery. Sadly the game got direct links sent around and thus her chances of making the money were seriously scuppered. You can read more about this here:


We would love to help out, and were discussing how much to donate, when we came up with a plan to be able to give as much as possible. Certainly more than we could afford to currently.

As such we’ve made the decision to give all proceeds from Project Zomboid on Desura for the next three days to her indiegogo campaign. While this would normally not be that much, we’re hoping this will help encourage more people to help support her campaign, and spread the word.

We’ve not asked Chloe herself if its okay to do this, since as the indiestatik article shows, she’s received enough vitriol from certain quarters for asking for money for Homesick, so we want to just do this and get her the money she needs ASAP. Time is very much of the essence.

So please, purchase PZ today, and we’ll ask Scott at Desura to announce our sales for the next three days (from today, including what we’ve made so far) to make sure the amount we give is accurate. So buy copies, gift them to their friends (all will be Steam redeemable) and spread the word.

I didn't follow up on this story past its initial crowdfunding campaign, but apparently something was up with Indiegogo and they had to refund all donations that may have otherwise funded her life-saving surgery. Indiegogo thought there was suspicious activity concerning the donations.

Indiegogo has responded. I had asked for an explanation about why Chloe Sagal's Indiegogo campaign had been taken down, and this is what I received:

"Indiegogo has a proprietary and effective fraud algorithm and when suspicious activity is detected the campaign is immediately suspended and all contributors are refunded," an Indiegogo spokesperson told me.

"Indiegogo's proprietary trust and security algorithms, and our community of credible, conscious participants help to make Indiegogo the world's largest, most trusted global crowdfunding platform."

I replied asking for more information on why that specific Indiegogo campaign had been taken down, and received more or less the same answer.

"When suspicious activity is detected, the campaign is immediately suspended and all contributions are refunded."

I couldn't reach the spokesperson by phone but will continue to ask for further clarification.

More details can be found here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2...cessfully-crowd-funding-life-saving-operation

She made this post on The Indie Stone Forum tonight (http://www.theindiestone.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=12430&start=100) and apparently she commited suicide on a live Twitch stream. The people who were watching the stream said she did it. The channel has been suspended and authorities notified. We don't have a confirmation whether she actually did kill herself outside of her viewers

I've failed.

I've failed at everything I love, I've even failed at saving myself countless times, all because I'm a coward.

If it wasn't enough, everyone was quick to tell me that I had failed, as if no one else had bothered to tell me. Constantly barraging me over and over and over, as if I needed to know.

Just keep telling yourself that I'm just a drama queen, and I don't know what pain is. It hurts so much, and I'm tired of feeling it. I'm tired of being afraid of everything, I'm tired of wearing this mask that kills me everytime I take it off.

Everyone has to be so sure of themselves, and would rather subject someone to a lifetime of pain than to bend just a little bit.

I don't care anymore.

To the people I love and/or care about the most, Morgan, Mike, Katie, Jesse, Kathy, Jessica, Eddie, Indy, Kyle, Santino, Keone, Isaiah, Amari, Ayana, Jaylin, Elija, Jutta, Andrew, Dawn, AJ, Jake and Connor, it's not your fault, and you did what you could. I also want to say I love and care about you, my family. I also wanted to thank everyone who did try to support me over the past few months while recognizing that this is a private matter, and especially thank you to the ones who did not choose to help but still realized it was a private matter and didn't harass me or anyone else who chose to help.

And I wanted to say fuck you to my family, everyone who felt the need to say something nasty to me in this last month, all those people who are so sure they know what's going on with me, those doctors who never took the time to properly work with me, the ones who antagonized me for my situation, and those who just turned me away. I could only hope you feel bad for putting me in this situation, but odds are you won't learn a damn thing from any of this, and continue to hurt more and more people with your ignorance. You can't hurt me anymore.

I don't know what else to write. I'm tired of talking.

If you're sick and want to watch my final moments,

She also posted this on her own YouTube account

This is sad :(


I have no words. My thoughts are with her family and friends though.

EDIT: Few people on /v/ claiming she overdosed on pills. Of course it's /v/ so take it with a trunk-load of salt.


I don't know if it's more fucked up that she needed to ask for donations just to get surgery to save her life, or that this is happening now.

Deeply sad.
Sounds like she was going through a lot and didn't want it to continue. I can't imagine what kind of pain that would be like. It's hard to go on when your own family doesn't support you.


Wait did she actually go through with it or is that what we are finding out now? We need the facts before we start declaring the woman dead guys.


This is crazy. I'm glad Twitch nuked the channel as quickly as they did if this is true- the last thing we need is people killing themselves on live camera :/


this show is not Breaking Bad why is it not Breaking Bad? it should be Breaking Bad dammit Breaking Bad
That's terrible. I'm speechless, Indiegogo killed her, I'm boycotting them.
Is it possible the accident changed her? It seems that she had been battling all these things throughout.

I also tried to click on the final moments video... Nothing.



hahaha, let me just commit suicide on a videogaming streaming website to get noticed at least enough to satisfy my cravings, even if just for a moment!

still gets trumped by league of legends


what a fucking asshole

livestreaming a suicide?

im not condemning her or saying she didnt have issues and it's none of my business, but doing it live is just incredibly bad form for me.


If she attempted to overdose on pills hopefully someone alerted the authorities quickly enough. That's not an instant death once you pass out. Hopefully she is well, but broadcasting your attempted suicide online possible to young children is such a fucked thing to do.
hahaha, let me just commit suicide on a videogaming streaming website to get noticed at least enough to satisfy my cravings, even if just for a moment!

still gets trumped by league of legends

Seriously man?

I can't even handle a few of my bad migraines, I can't bear to know how it feels to be in her shoes.


Wanna hear a good joke? Waste your time helping me! LOL!
Wait did she actually go through with it or is that what we are finding out now? We need the facts before we start declaring the woman dead guys.

As far as I can tell there is no confirmation posted anywhere. All we have is her posts, one guy saying she did it, and a closed Twitch channel.

RIP if true.
Seriously man?
Stop quoting the dude. You're smearing shit everywhere. You all know what's going to happen regardless of whether you respond to him.


Hope shes OK.
Lets hope that shes not dead...though i doubt it....

Its a sad thing all around

Ugh :/

Edit: i do have one question. WHY? Im not gonna question the suicide but why livestream it to the people you hate so much? Its just kinda confusing to me...


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hahaha, let me just commit suicide on a videogaming streaming website to get noticed at least enough to satisfy my cravings, even if just for a moment!

still gets trumped by league of legends

Well, that's one way to get banned. Seeya.


It sounds like she was in a very bad place emotionally, and it makes me sad that she ever got there in the first place.


EDIT: I hope no-one else posts reaction gifs or offensive stuff.


Messed up that this type of surgery isn't covered for people. The USA really needs to fix their broken health care system.


Cheers on the gaffers saying that she was a secret transexual trying to steal money for donations and feeling internet schadenfreude when it was canceled. I dont know is the girl had truly metal poisoning or not, but its so sad to see that her mind was hurting too.
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