Indie Watch |OT| Highlighting the FP titles that would otherwise be lost to time.


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Jun 25, 2018
Unknown Body, Proxima Centauri, 4th O.B.
Welcome to the first:

(Forgive me for the OT quality, this is my first OT.)

So, what is this about?
Since individual threads didn't really generate that much attention, perhaps an OT will. I can then always update this post and list all the games so far covered.

This thread is about covering the obscure, the unknown, and the forgotten shooters and other first person titles that are omnipresent on Steam. Many are still in development, but a lot are already released. This thread is your irregular wake up call to these new games, aswell as supporting these developers with their games by promoting them with a post. (Not sure how GAF and Google work together but hopefully they come up high in the Google searches.

What episodes have there been already?

When can i expect a new post/episode?
When. It's. Done.

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