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inFAMOUS: Second Son now being listed for April 01, 2014 on Gamestop website.


Drive Club and Infamous were the only reasons I was getting PS4 early, my birthday is in April so might just wait and buy one then if this is the case.
Isn't April 1st one of those database placeholder dates until you get a real release date? The same way the PS4 isn't really coming out Dec. 31st. That would be disappointing if it is so far away, but I suspect that's a placeholder.


There was never a launch date given and if the game is 'delayed' to April (which looks like a placeholder tbh), then it's purely to give the game more development time.


I must be the only guy that enjoys it when games get delayed. In a perfect world, every game would get delayed so that shit like AC III doesn't see the light of day.
You could be right, I hope you are.


On June 17th the game had a placeholder date of December 31st, 2013.

As an example, a quick check on the site shows Killzone & Driveclub have a release date of 31st Dec. Those will not come out on that day. They simply don't have a firm date beyond holiday. Infamous is said to be February, but it has no official date beyond launch window/Q1. Thus database says 1st April til a firm date.

EDIT: Joystiq stated that the official press release for SS stated
Infamous: Second Son won't be available on launch day, but rather prior to March 31, 2014 in the first quarter of next year.


Please, please guys. Before filing in after reaidng only the topic headline, and stating stuff like "that's exactly what I expected" and so on, please engage the brain: Sony's exact official stance is "any time before march31st" ie. the Q1 cut off, and gamestop have stuck down April 1st in their database. Please consider that. The amount of serious replies already confounds me.


Sony said Q1, and Q1 = January 1st to March 31st.

Placeholder date and nothing else. It means it will release by April 1st, just as "2013" games get 12/31/13 placeholder dates because they will be out by then.


Between the launch exclusives and third party games there is more than enough to get us through to Spring. No worries.


Is currently staging a hunger strike outside Gearbox HQ while trying to hate them to death
The first 2 came out in June, so I was always just expecting this to come out in June 2014 anyway. My most anticipated PS4 game right now
No no no, please say it ain't so. I wanted/expected it to drop February.

There is a lot to keep me occupied until then though.


April 1st is the first day of the first quarter in the Japanese Fiscal Year, right? Maybe that's what they meant by Q1...

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