Infamous SS Photo Mode |OT| If it's not bokeh, don't fix it

I got quite a few more saved up with even more I'm taking tomorrow but I'll wait for the firmware update. I don't want to deal with Twitter or Facebook again.
Twitter is going to kill these pics but here are some attempts.

Just wanted to emphasize the amazing work this team did with the clothing detail. So much detail in the models.

LOVE this feature! I agree that every game should have an option to do this. Can really show the amazing amount of effort that has gone into games. So many of these are wallpaper worthy!
I wouldn't be surprised if that's why. A lot of photos being taken but the HUD was getting in the way.
Not to mention the share button is just not fast enough to capture that split second moments where cool action happens. This way the game is frozen immediately at the push of a toggle in-game. Then you can manipulate the camera angle/DoF before pressing the share button. IT'S GENIUS! And provides free promotion for the game too.

Fucking blinds on a random window caught my attention. Just .... I mean I can't wrap my head around how well this world if painted for us to enjoy. Just so good.