Infamous SS Photo Mode |OT| If it's not bokeh, don't fix it

I never finished SS... got busy at work and kind of lost interest after getting
. However; every time I visit this thread my jaw drops to the floor. Beautiful game, absolutely stunning.
just bought the game last week when amazon had its gold box sale — the beginning was surprisingly emotional. still getting used to the facial animations - kind of mesmerizing.

I really wish they would remake 1 and 2 with these graphics- it would be absolutely amazing. I liked the storyline and powers better in 1 and 2 honestly. the movement is better in second son, but 1 and 2 are way more fleshed out.
And is Paper Trails any good? I lost interested after having to do stuff online.
I started Paper Trails but gave up because it got annoying going between the game and online site. In the end, I hear the only thing you get for your troubles is a bunny ears mask. Eh, I may go back and finish it, but I hate the way it was implemented.
Paper Trail is fantastic if you're in it for the story. There's more plot development in the Paper Trail storyline than the entire rest of the game.

If you're only interested in shooting pew pew hand lasers, then don't bother.