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Infinity Ward Is Hiring a Narrative Director for an Open-World RPG Project


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

A job listing for Infinity Ward’s branch in Poland clearly indicates that they need a narrative director who can “provide the best narrative and cinematic experienced in an open-world RPG.” The job listing also mentions this game as an “unannounced AAA project.”

So, we can surely say that Infinity Ward is up to something big, but the main question is what this unannounced project could be? Is it a brand new IP or just something new set in the Call of Duty universe?



Infinity Ward's open-world RPG:



Another wRPG that will be Xbox exclusive if ms deals goes through. Ms slowly is becoming wRPG king publisher.


Cool. I think Infinity Ward is an incredibly talented team. It's great that they get a chance to do something else besides call of duty. Great news!
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