Injustice 2: Le Joker gameplay leaked.


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
Did you just stole my screenshot without giving permission? jk

Like i said in the other thread i need to see more but did they just copy & paste him from Injustice 1? i hope not and he got some cool new moves.

I like the design a lot.
Is Le Joker an actual thing from some comic book or should I be getting mad about this
Le Joker is Joker's evil twin, first appearing in Detective Comics 786 as a new foil to Batman. He's similar to the Joker in almost every way, but speaks French.

A surprising addition, to say the least.
Looks like Harry Styles just got cast as Joker in Injustice 2. His design, stance, everything just feels wrong and I usually don't hate redesigns of my favorite characters.
Gameplay wise he is pretty much just I1 Joker, but with a new trait.

Which isn't surprising.

Maybe throwing cards? It's hard to make out what that image is.
Plus that look is most likely with gear on, so it's not his default look.

If that artwork is anything to go by, he won't have a hat or that jacket or shoulder piece.
Worst kept secret ever.

Also wtf they ruined Joker. Why did they need to make him french and call him "Le Joker"?

Whats next? Make Superman russian?
This has gotta be a joke post. Right?
He does look a little young.

But I recognize Richard Epcar's voice, so it seems strange that he'd be a different character but sound the exact same as the real Joker.

But the style fits for the real Joker, I think.
But isn't that his french voice in the gameplay video linked in the OP?