Injustice GOTY edition listed for PC/Vita/PS3/360/WiiU (Nov 6) on Amazon France


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Perhaps will be announced at EVO alongside the DLC announcement?

Would be so anticlimactic on Finals day if the "Special Presentation" is a Vita version.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
If that's Amazon Germany, I'm from Scandinavia.

EDIT: I see you corrected XD


El Capitan Todd
I won the original game, got for 30 bucks, and I'm loving it. I've also downloaded the free pack of costumes and the Lobo DLC character.
I'm really happy with the game, and I'm not interested in this GOTY edition, honestly
I will get the PC version if it ever materialises. Wasn't the PC version of MK9 initially revealed via an Amazon listing (before the big Steam leakage)?
So a GOTY edition is actually coming to the Wii U? If I had known that was a possibility I wouldn't have bought the game. I've never sold a game before in my entire life but it looks like I'll have to, I got it $35 at TRU so I won't lose much. Its a good thing I had only bought the Ame-Comi skin pack and was trying to decide what else to get. Feel real sorry for those who bought a lot of the DLC. Hope saves transfer because I already have over 500 stars in mission mode. That took me over twenty hours to do.
The biggest news from this is that the PC version is day and date with the other versions.

I was expecting another 2 years before NRS deemed it "safe" to port Injustice to the PC lol.

Day 1 on the PC.