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Input lag while using controller extension cable & retro gaming

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Deleted member 801069

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I picked up a controller extension cable for my Sega Genesis and there is now noticeable input lag when playing Sonic. The cable isn't even all that long, kinda surprised the input lag is so bad tbh.

Is this normal or did I get a shitty extension cable?

anyone have any experience using extension cables while retro gaming?


Mar 1, 2015
Why don't you try 8BitDo's Genesis controller with dongle..

I notice no lag whatso ever...
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Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Not sure, but that's like impossible to feel, electrical signals cannot really be slower, there could noise yes, if it's not insolated, however I feel like that if it's just wires, there should not be any lag even possible. If you plug the cable from controller without extension cord, it works normally?


Dec 7, 2008
Might have less to do with the length of the cord than the fact that there's now another connection for it to pass through. Just a wild uneducated guess though.

I use extensions for the NES/SNES classic though, and never have that problem, so maybe there's something wrong with your extension cable.

Anna Caroline

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Oct 29, 2020
To build on the other reply to this, it would be a bit more complicated than "Either it will work, or it won't".
There is a point with any connection be it Serial, USB, Ethernet and let's presume your controllers where you will introduce packet loss. It will "kinda work" but you may notice the controller being non-responsive or missing the odd button press.
Any distance you extend your controller over the original specifications set by the company that made the console increases your risk the controller may not work properly, or at all. Since nothing is processing the data, you shouldn't have input lag, the issue is the length of the transmission line. Depending on the build of the cables and their connectors that will affect the distance. I'd try to see if you can find one continuous long cable or maybe get custom ones just so there are fewer points of failure. Personally, I'd keep it under 75 feet and be careful where you run the cables, things like light fixtures and power strips can throw interference into cables.
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