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INSIDE coming to iOS, Switch


Playdead's INSIDE is coming to Switch. Also coming to iOS. No release date for either new version yet, source https://www.famitsu.com/news/201709/23142542.html

The news is taken from an upcoming Famitsu interview between Arnt Jensen and Fumito Ueda.



If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Oh wow... Heard a lot of food shirts about this game. Getting this on Switch.



This is a game that I think will work better on the TV, but if you use it in portable mode, bring headphones. This game's sound design is on another level.


I lust want to play Limbo.

It was always too powerful to run on my crappy 2007 Macbook and I never got to try it.


Awesome, haven't played this yet but have been meaning to pick it up and seems like it'll be perfect for the switch.



It's kind of great how every game I've had on my Steam wish list is coming to Switch, since it's the perfect platform for indies.

If Nintendo gets Gang Beasts, they will have checked off most of my list.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
food shirts or good shit? lol
lol... Guess my phone didnt want me to write -
good shit - without screwing me over first, damn.

Who said we can't have both?
People just love to complain....Switch getting a great current gen title, yet people asking for Limbo instead not 10 posts in or assume that this means Switch can't get any new/original titles.

PS. Limbo on Switch would be cool and will likely happen down the line.
I ended up liking Little Nightmares more (both go for similar things in my opinion), so we like that to come to Switch too if we go down this path...

INSIDE tips:

1. Don’t look up a goddamn thing about the game before playing. 2. Set aside 4-5 hours and blast through the game in one sitting. Much of the game is built upon a sense of constantly escalating tension that will be diminished over multiple play sessions.

Absolutely masterful and damn near perfect game. Great that more people can play it.
Yes! Limbo would be very welcome as well.
I'm not liking this trend... We need new ips.. Not making the switch a port machine.
New systems always get ports, especially handhelds where there's more of an incentive to double dip. Plus are you really expecting Play Dead to make a new IP for Switch? Why would they?


Wants the largest console games publisher to avoid Nintendo's platforms.
Came for the scoop, stayed for the food shirts ; )


Always shocks me to see the amount of love for Inside (and Limbo for that matter.)

Pretty solid but mechanically clunky puzzle platformer with some nice visuals. Can't see myself picking it up again on the Switch but it's worth playing for people who missed it.
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