Insomniac dev getting tired of coworkers yelling "Xbox OFF" over intercom

lol, would have assumed Kinect was smart enough to realize whether the command was coming from someone in front of the camera or not.
So if you're Twitch-ing a live stream of an Xbox One game to a bunch of people watching via the Xbox One Twitch app, can you just shut them down with your voice?
That is awesome.

I still remember the first time I watched somebody try to control a video with kinect. All I could hear is that awesome circus music the entire time.
Does no one remember the story last month about 4 apps running at the same time and a game taking 30-60 seconds to shut down? When asked why it takes that long Albert said it's because a specific amount of time is built into the process to ensure that you actually wanted to shut the game down. The inference being that if someone wants to remotely shut your game down, you're going to have to be ignorant of the fact that its happening.

This is still funny though.