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intel to release their 10nm desktop cpus second half of 2021


Was going to upgrade from an i7-8700, since I assumed the 11 series was 10nm (I don't follow desktop CPU's at all, but from what I can gather Intel has been on 14nm since 6th gen).


Intel tried to go big with 10nm to end the war, ended up with miniature housefires, 10nm as a whole is a DUD, rumor had it 7nm in 2021 was their last call.
Stick with AMD because at least their planning seems safe for a while.
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Thanks to a friend I got a used 8700k for a bargain. However if it wasn't for him I would have switched to ryzen already.
If you feel forced by your convictions to go intel just do yourself a favor, get an I7 and not an I5, it's more expensive but more future proof.
A friend of mine got a 9600k and he's regretting it already.
Sucks but I have no complaints about my recent Comet Lake purchase. It performs like a dream in games and runs quite cool when overclocked.
At this rate AMD will have 3nm CPUs out before Intel can even manage to get to 10nm

Intel is fucked

Just yesterday it happened - AMD's stock price surpassed Intel's


Great news for gamer's hoping to get higher than Skylake gaming performance. H2 2021 is actually earlier than many speculated.

Maybe I can finally retire my Sky-lake derived gaming rig after years of exquisite gaming performance.

Alder Lake (Golden Cove) is rumored to improve IPC by 50%.


I wonder where this puts Rocket Lake. Will Intel launch Rocket Lake late this year or will they launch two desktop CPU architectures in 2021?

At any rate, I'm glad that Skylake might finally be challenged in gaming performance.
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