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Interpoint Dev On Next-Gen Specs: Number of TFLOPS Not Worth Pursuing.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

According to the developers of Interpoint, who recently spoke with GamingBolt in an exclusive interview, the answer is- not much. In their view, good games is something that the industry needs to strive for rather than just pure technical power, and the AAA industry needs to start exhibiting more creativity instead.

“I do not think that the number of teraflops is something worth pursuing,” they said. “I’m waiting for good games, not good pieces of iron. I hope that the large AAA games will start to differ more from each other.

Cross-play, however, is something that might effectively impact actual games and the way they’re played, which is why it’s surprising that Stony has stubbornly continued to hold out on it for so long. According to the Interpoint devs, while cross-play is obviously beneficial for players, Sony’s reluctance on enabling it with games on competing systems is still understandable.

“Such technologies are a good step for players, but the company’s concerns are also understandable,” they said. “In my opinion, for Sony at the moment it is less profitable than for Microsoft.”

But does something like cross-play become more prevalent with the coming generation, maybe even becoming a key feature of newer hardware? When presented with the question, the Interpoint devs implied that they’d rather hold out for something more ambitious, and not wait on cross-play becoming a “key feature”.

“If this is the key feature of the new gen, then I probably will stay on the old one,” they said.


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Feb 21, 2013
good game play is better than good graphics + bad gameplay. But good game play + good graphics still the Best.
Oct 26, 2018
Looks like Gamingbolt scored again with their daily inbox spamming of every game dev out there.

It took a while, but Interpoint bit.

Never count out Gamingbolt for getting the opinions from the smallest no-name developer out there.
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