Into the Badlands |S2| Live Action Anime w/ Chi Warrior Megazord | Sundays on AMC

Hm, using energy to heal broken bones is a pretty neat trick. Of course, MK getting knocked flat and not having anything to show for it would've been preferable.
Freakin' Open World mechanics with the reclaiming oil fields and shit, lol.

Widow is a Crossbow Bolt timer. Not bad reflexes. Dodged and deflected a shitload of bolts. She bad.
I am rather curious as to how there are still vehicles with combustion engines, yet no guns, as much as I have been enjoying the series so far.
In one of the silliest plot points, the barons outlawed guns. And this land full of outlaws, nomads and lands outside of baron control, people just seem to have gone along with it. I suppose you could make the case that no one knows how to gunsmith anymore...