Intravenous - a top down Hotline Miami-esque stealth shooter released today


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It's a game where you go out and get revenge on junkies that killed your brother by killing ALL OF THEM.

Gameplay-wise you're free to choose a stealth or guns blazing approach to each mission. You can chose loadout, all with stats that impact your noise levels, movement speed etc.

In typical Hotline Miami fashion it can get pretty hard, I always opt for stealth first but it turns into a gunfight almost immediately.



Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
That doesn't really look like Hotline Miami, was that the first time you saw a top down game or what then?

Graphics made me remember Rake in Grass dev, they had a nice top down roguelite called Larve Mortus, I'd have loved a modern sequel.
It's on Steam by a different company for some reason but I wouldn't recommend it or anything compared to newer/better top down stuff.
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