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Introducing Improvements for NeoGAF Gold Live Updates


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First of all, thank you to all of our wonderful NeoGAF Gold subscribers who make feature updates like this possible! If you're not already a Gold member, be sure to read about all the benefits here and consider signing up.

We've heard a lot of user feedback regarding the "live updates" feature that's included with NeoGAF Gold. Today, I'm happy to announce that we've completely re-written this feature to bring you a multitude of quality-of-life upgrades.

Focus on the reply box

Now, when new replies are made to a thread, the replies will be placed on the page from the bottom up, without moving the viewport (what you see of your browser). This way, if you're in the middle of typing a response to a thread yourself, the reply box will remain intact as other thread replies come in. GIF example!


No Updates Unless You're On The Last Page

Previously, replies would get added to a thread even if you weren't on the last page. This led to replies sometimes being out-of-order for people who were reading earlier pages in a thread. With this new update, new replies will only be added to the page if you're on the newest page of a thread. The result should be perfectly ordered threads without any confusion.

Live Reactions

When someone reacts to a post of yours, their reaction will be placed on the page in real-time. No more posting then feverishly refreshing the page to see who reacted to that awesome thing you just wrote (surely I'm not the only person who does this, right?)


Live Post Edits

If someone edits their post, and you have the page that post is on open, then you'll get to see their edited post without having to refresh the page.


Real-Time Polling

Our previous system would essentially check the site every 5 seconds to see if new posts or alerts needed to be processed. It was "live" in the sense that you didn't have to refresh the page, but for really fast-moving threads this meant that you might get 3-4 replies in a single 5-second interval. The new system uses real-time polling to provide near-instantaneous updates as they happen. The Microsoft merger thread will never be the same again.

Features You Already Love

We tried to keep everything else about Live Updates that was already working well intact with this rewrite. For example, your notifications will update automatically, so you can keep tabs on GAF while your GAF tab is in the background. You can also still opt-out of this feature set entirely on your account preferences page.

You may need to reload your browser's cache for these new features to take effect. As always, we're open to feedback - both good and bad. Again, we appreciate all of our Gold members for making stuff like this possible.
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Sweet. Unrelated maybe, but is mobile edit dashboard limited to gold members? I can only access this when I'm on a desktop. Everything is greyed out. No luck with that app as well. Am I doing something wrong?


Thats cool, thanks!

I hate when new posts bother me when I'm writting. Its already bad enought to post on a phone. Also the post being updated on the last page is sweet. Got times when I got confuse because of the post order. Nice work.
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Thanks for the awesome update, the one about "let me write in peace damn it !" is SOOOOO much welcome.
However, sorry, I know I'm going to be boooed but.... can you make the live reaction popup optional ? (Or the whole live reaction module).
I'm totally allergic to popup notifications. Sorry and please.

puss in boots awww GIF
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Ha Thank you!, ill still sub, feels like the forum needs a few bob for their hard graft.
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Awesome work! These updates will make for a much smoother reading experience, especially for live threads.

Personally I'm still holding out for new thread/post composing features 🤞🤞
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