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Ion Furore - By Sophia Narwitz. The only complete coverage of the Ion Fury controversy *Trigger Warning* Actual Journalism inside.


Jun 20, 2018
Truly amazing the drama of this small game. I personally have been playing it since Early access and would have never expected this much to come from it.
There is a silver lining it definitely got a bigger reach/mind share because of the drama.
I wonder what a calculation would look like for a small studio which doesn't have aaa marketing funds but is suddenly hit with outrage drama splitting the audience but giving bigger reach and pr.
Do they still come out green or just barely mitigating the effects of the outrage/less sales via the bigger reach?


Mar 1, 2019
Seriously, what is it with these people and their labels? If one of them can attach some sort of ‘ism’ or socially unacceptable term to a person or group then its like a signal fire for some sort of scorched earth digital lynching. It’s like a goddamned religion to them. There is an obvious ignorance, wilful or otherwise, to the societal harm frivolous use of these terms may have. That harm will be felt by real victims when a desensitised society ignores real injustice due to an ever expanding over-saturation of faux outrage. Now all it takes is a bad joke or crass comment to land you in the crosshairs of an increasingly irrational and overly sensitive group of puritanical ideologues. It is my great hope that if the perpetually offended were to look deep inside they might find a place where ‘Ogay’ illicits at least a low key chortle or entirely inward shiteating grin? I really think we’d all grow as a result.
Jun 26, 2013
The recent reviews on Steam already bumped from mixed to mostly positive, so I guess it's working out for the dev
Basically, whatever review bombing campaign ResetEra/SJWs tried to pull failed or more likely, there weren't enough SJWs to review bomb Ion Fury that would change the average reception in any meaningful way.
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