iOS 11 GM leak, new info from 9to5mac (Face ID, Animoji, LTE Watch, True Tone, etc.)

The fact that they're skipping a 7s and going straight to the iPhone 8 is triggering my OCD.
IIRC they wanted this phone to be out last year as the 7, and a traditional 7S for this year with some kind of special anniversary model. It wasn’t ready so the 7 was made as a kind of stopgap. I could be talking out of my ass but I remember reading that around this time last year.
Apple, please stop using Intel modems for LTE. Use a fucking Qualcomm X16 at least without removing features and I'll be there Day 1 for the X.
24fps 4K "film style" video recording has me intrigued. Right now I use filmicpro for high quality video on iPhone. I am excited to see if Apple has delivered on a stock app solution.

God, if they have a flat color profile available like on the LGV30 😵
The thing about going for "iPhone 8" now: will they have a similarly designed 8S next year, or does this signal they are bucking the old naming conventions? You think Apple will release another pair of phones with huge foreheads and chins in 2018, when all competition will certainly have adopted thin or no-bezel displays?
I'm still rocking an OG 6 which actually works really well, but I'm itching to upgrade to a Plus sized screen. I'm really hoping the iPhone 8 Plus won't be hard to get like the "X" will.
Honestly surprised they hadn't made an LTE watch before now that I think about it.

Not a fan of how the animated emoji look, but then again I'm not a fan of Apple's emojis in general so that might be why.
I like the direction iOS11 is going with the current leak. Got to see how the virtual home button stuff is gonna work before proper judgement
so y'all are distracted by the emoji--the TrueTone stuff is extremely interesting to me.

So they're trying to pitch this screen as just as high quality as the past iPhone displays, if not higher quality because of the TrueTone optimization. Here's the thing, though, it's an LG OLED. LG hasn't made very many phone-sized OLEDs; they made a few for the LG G Flex and LG G Flex 2 that were reportedly very low quality. Now that they're producing more for the iPhone, they're also putting them in the new LG V30, their upcoming flagship. Here's the thing though, they're still shit quality:

The left is a LG V30 trying to display a solid gray picture; the right is a Galaxy S8 displaying the same photo. You can right off the bat see a few things: LG's phone is uneven, you can see the banding and "texture" that people noticed on the LG G Flexes, and for its part you can see the red display issue on the S8 (where S8s skew red instead of being completely calibrated like past Samsungs were). You can also see a little bit of unevenness on the Samsung, but it's very slight and not completely noticeable.

So the question becomes: did LG manage to produce OLEDs that are good enough, but all of them went to Apple so LG had to make do with the dregs for their own phone? Or are all LG OLEDs like this and Apple just said "fuck it" because Apple needed OLEDs and they didn't want to crawl over to Samsung? I think this will be very interesting to look at once the phone is revealed.
It's a Samsung OLED. That's part of why the phone is so expensive, because Samsung is the only manufacturer that makes OLEDs up to the standards Apple wants. So Samsung can charge them higher.

That's why they are working with LG to improve the quality of their's so they can cut costs in the future.
Don't know if this is posted, it's difficult to keep up with some many different iPhone threads on the front page right now.

Amid the leaked release of the golden master of iOS 11 last night, developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo shared a few interesting tidbits about how the split status bar on the OLED "iPhone X" will work (via 9to5Mac). Falling in line with previous rumors, the iPhone X's status bar will show the time of day on the left of the "notch" and cellular signal strength, Wi-Fi, and battery will be located on the right.

These "ears" of the iPhone X will also be animated in a few ways -- when you plug the device into a power source to charge it, the battery icon grows slightly larger (lower right image) to indicate a successful connection and then minimizes back to its original size. Rambo shared a video of this animated icon in action on his Twitter account.

The breadcrumb trail icon is also staying on the iPhone X, but now it'll reside just below the time, linking you back to the most recently used app with one tap.

Cool - breadcrumb top left means no wasted space in the bottom left. Still have my fingers crossed they don’t reserve a larg area down the bottom
Why would watch color and photos of ear pods be in the OS?
When you link an Apple Watch to your iPhone, the phone knows that model/color you have and displays it accordingly.

The AirPods display an animation on your phone screen when you flip open the case’s lid that pairs the devices and lets you see how much battery charge is left in both AirPods and the case itself.
Why would watch color and photos of ear pods be in the OS?
There's usually graphics of what you've got connected to your iPhone. Like when you pull down the trey that shows the iPhone's battery, and if you have AirPods or an Apple Watch it also shows them and their battery level too. Apple likes attention to detail so they make images for every variation of their products so when you connect them to iTunes or pair them to your iPhone, you see YOUR thing there, not just a generic image.