iPhone X | OT | November 3

Assuming I can actually pre-order one on launch day (haven't failed so far, but you never know...) I'm in for an iPhone X 256GB (space gray)

Very excited! Subbed.
The problem with FaceID for purchases is that with touchID, you can quickly abort if you lift your thumb. If I change my mind now, what, I have to spin my phone around?

Also, as many have said, what about those cases where my phone is flat on a desk etc?
So..10th anniversary version of most revolutionary phone this century so far ...

...Aaaaand the biggest feature is animated emojis.

was hoping something really awesome :(
Really want the OLED screen, but at that price, with no Touch ID and that UGLY notch? Ugh. I want to upgrade this year, but might just wait or get the 8 now.
I admit I was never going to be in for a model this expensive, but the way the top section cuts into the display is quite shocking. It was unbelievably distracting when they demo'd pictures and video. Would've been better to have a solid divide all away across the top instead of jutting in as it does.
"We wanted the phone to be all screen"

"Our goal since the beginning was to make that"

"That's why we made the phone all screen"
*show screen being clearly overshadowed by distracting, ugly, big overlayed top speaker/camera/whatever*

Are they deliberately mocking people at this point?
Very unApple like to make the cutout in the front to not match the color on the back of the phone. Very disappointed on that front. But aside from that the phone looks great. I'll definitely be picking some up.